100 Things in 365

So My Birthday past and I didnt do much I didnt even have a cake how sad I no but I was handling stuff that was bigger than my Birthday a Sick mother, When I sat back and thought if I had a cake and blow out the candle what would I wish for? Th is past year I have dont nothing but work and go to a movie I want something more… I would wish for a more exciting life, so I turn to a friend and asked she said make a list of the things you want to do… So this is my 100 Things I want to do in the next 365 days!! I will blog about how much I have done in month to month updates but wish my luck .. lol

So you can clickhere link to see how far I am or you can click up top

“100 Things in 365”

Start date: Octorber 18 2012 Time is: 6.21 AM EST

  1. Learn How to LOVE myself
  2. Get A new phone
  3. make a new friend
  4. Buy a pair of Black Pumps
  5. Buy myself Flowers
  6. Take a Trip to L.A
  7. Apply for College ( Canada or USA)
  8. Take a CPR class
  9. See Toronto at Night from the Top of the CN Tower
  10. Research careers and pick top 3 then do #7
  11. Learn how to mange my Finance
  12. Take a Pole Dancing class
  13. Fine a Hobby
  14. Become a “Flosser”
  15. Buy a sex Black Dress
  16. Get a Full Physical and Blood work
  17. Learn how to use Chopsticks
  18. Get a full Body wax
  19. Go to the Club Alone and dance my Butt off
  20. Make a youtube channel and post a video
  21. Calculate my body fat  and then divided it by 2 and get there
  22. Sleep in  a Tent
  23. Collect all the Tyler Perry Movies (-/12) to date
  24. Go to a “Day Spa”
  25. Buy a Robe and wear it all day
  26. Dress up Real sexy and take myself some where nice to eat (-/4)
  27. Go to a Drive-in movie
  28. Start Car shopping and buy a car
  29. Give up Fast Food for one month
  30. Learn how to play Tennis and play a game
  31. Learn Basic Car Maintenance
  32. Viste New York and take a tour  and stand in the middle of TIme Square
  33. Do 5 good Deeds in 1 day
  34. Fall in Love
  35. Have dinner at “Onire”
  36. Learn how to say “Hello” in 5 Languages
  37. Give 5 homeless people 1 dollar
  38. Date someone out of my Race
  39. Learn about wine
  40. Get a personal Trainer
  41. Tour Down Town Toronto all afternoon
  42. Invite a friend over for dinner  and make it from scratch
  43. Learn how to BBQ
  44. Take a trip to Jamaica
  45. Save $200 a Month for 12 month (-/12)
  46. Buy a hoodie from the collage book store
  47. Watch a Sunset
  48. Make saysalishaa “.com”
  49. Try on a wedding dress
  50.  Go to the Zoo
  51. Get a message from a someone that’s the real deal
  52.  Go to a fashion show
  53. Get a kiss on Midnight on New Years
  54. Stay at a bed and breakfast
  55. Take a “Last minute day trip”
  56. Go snow boarding
  57. Learn the Art of “Mediation”
  58. Take Photo booth pictures
  59. Go to a midnight screening
  60. Get a make over
  61. Wear Bold Lips
  62. Own a full matching Bra and Panties set
  63. Send a message in a Bottle
  64. Take a Bubble bath with candles and soft music
  65. Buy A leather Jacket (something than black)
  66. Have a picnic
  67. Knit something
  68. Take Hot Yoga
  69. Buy and Fill a phone Album
  70. Kiss in the Rain
  71. Read 3 Books in One Month
  72. Buy a pair of RayBands
  73. Take a Solo Road Trip
  74. Go a Casino
  75. Buy a Pair of Uggs for the winter
  76. Shoot a fire weapon( @ a gun Rang)
  77. Spend a Holiday on a Beach
  78. Get 100 hits on my Blog
  79. Go a strip club
  80. Do my own teeth whiting systems and take a before/ after pictures
  81. Ride in a Limo
  82. Learn how to do the G-slide
  83. Make a Toast
  84. Go to an Art Gallery
  85. Try 5 different flavors of Ice Cream
  86. Meet a Celebrity and take a picture with them
  87. Din and 20 different restaurants that I have never been to before
  88. Take a cooking class
  89. watch 26 movies for every letter of the Alphabet A- Z
  90. Go a Raptors Game
  91. Buy a Really EXPENSIVE BAG
  92. Learn on how to get heathy
  93. Finalize this list and pick a start date : Start date: Octorber 23 rd 2012 Time is: 3:25 AM EST
  94. Go a museum
  95. Take picture with Santa
  96. get a psychic reading
  97. Look for a New Job
  98. Take an Etiquette class
  99. Visit Niagara Falls and be a Big Kid
  100. Make a new list Next Year..

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