What I learned This Weekend..


That sometime when you think something is for you it really is not …

Buying Converse is Hard because they come in men sizes..

Friends sometime are not really your friends

I Love Door Crashers

People are crazy for the Iphone 5

Anyways I am on my way to church see ya

I will try to post again this week, BTW my BIRTHDAY is on THURSDAY WHOP!!!

Instagram Dairy #1

So I noticed that everyone is doing this “Instagram Diary” So I wanted to do one too.. This is my past week/ weekend just some to share, I try to do once every week. I think its something cool to share..!

well I hope you guys have a great week until my next post..!

my Instagram name is: “sayAlisha“!


[Nail polish] [wings&fries] [save the date my Bday]

 [Daily prayer] [nail art #1][nail art#2]

[Desk at work] [Hand bag][movie Ticket]

[Green Tea] [Grey Sky] [The Keg]


so I had this Blog for about a week and I have not posted anything but my first post. Its not like I have nothing to say I am unsure how to say it so I am going just post what I want and How I feel in the moment I hope you guys don’t mind..!


For the main fact that I am still trying to play around with the themes and see the ones I like and stuff like that so I mean Give me One more Week to get this ball rolling and Trust me it will be rolling lol..!!

I hope you guys had a great week and a Fab weekend,


This is Me “Say’s Alisha”

So.. This is it my Very first Post to the WORLD.Image

I asked myself why start a Blog well I have NO clue I just thought that it would be a good idea to put my thoughts & feelings online and see if anyone agrees with me. I am about to start a new chapter in my life and why not put it online, so I can always look back  at where I am coming from to where I am going, I Love Life and I Love to have fun, But the I noticed so many things along the way, I am 22 years been to school twice and Still have no clue what I want to do in life and I have NEVER BEEN in LOVE before.. and love is always around me.. I have a Few great friends but meh.. So this is how I feel so I woke up yesterday reading all these blog, I said what the heck why not Alisha go for it..! SO here I am, I want to post day to day life, review Defiantly review on food, products, movies, And what ever I want to post.. I hope that you guys come a long while i figure out life one post at a time.!